There is a common misconception that selling real estate at auction is for distressed properties or is unsafe.

Not true! When selling real estate at auction the seller is in control of the whole auction process.

Sellers can protect their real estate by attaching a reserve to the property. This "reserve" is not known to the public but by the auction company and seller only. Usually the reserve is the price that the seller has set that triggers a sale.

How is the reserve or "trigger" price established?

Cornerstone Auction & Realty, Inc.  has sold many different and diverse properties therefore giving the seller a unique perspective on the real estate market. Jeff and Melissa Oberling are also both realtors and have access to the multi-listing service of past sales of similar properties gaining the seller valuable knowledge of market conditions.

What happens if the property doesn’t reach the "reserve"?

The seller has the option at that point in the auction process to adjust their reserve price downward and continue the auction resulting in a sale. The seller may also choose to suspend the auction and announce to the buyers that they are opting to list the property with Jeff or Melissa Oberling and they may submit their bids through the listing process. The seller is always in control of the sale of their real estate.


Cornerstone Auction & Realty, Inc.  has sold everything from vacant lots, buildings, homes that are in "As Is" condition, rich agricultural land, established horse farms and training facilities, to historic homes in move in condition. Any type of real estate can and has been sold through the auction method.