Why should we hire a professional auctioneer for our charity?

Most charity or fundraising organizations must find a viable inexpensive way to raise funds quickly and efficiently. Hiring a trained professional in the auction industry is the answer.

A trained auctioneer can turn your benifit auction into a major success just by knowing how, when, and how much to ask the public for each item offered for auction within seconds.

In many cases our auction team can run, clerk, cashier, and catch bids at your benifit auction in a professional seamless manner so organizers can concentrate on gaining donations and taking care of donors and buyers needs.

As a chairperson of a fundraising event you don’t need one more thing to worry about, so leave it to the auctioneer that raises money for clients for a living.

Our professional staff will meet with your staff to coordinate and plan your event so it becomes a success. After all, many organizations only have one or two fundraisers per year. Make it a successful one, hire Cornerstone Auction Co.